How to choose your girdle size?

How to choose your girdle size?

All women at some point would like to look like a catalog model, with a dreamy body and impact curves are possible ... the great secret is compression to the right measure.

There are low compression girdles that shape slightly, medium compression girdles that hide the rolls and reaffirm the figure considerably; and the high compression girdles that are generally used to recover the figure after having been pregnant or after cosmetic surgery.

Now get a tape measure ready:

          1. Stand in front of the mirror, although it is not necessary that will help you to visualize well the shape of your body and the parts that you most want to shape.

          2. Take the exact measurement of your waist, use a tape measure to completely surround it as if it were a belt but above the belly button and below your ribs.

         3. With the same tape measure the contour of your hips, surround its entire circumference taking into account the widest part of your buttocks.

        4. Take note of all the measures.

        5. Now on our website look for the garment, you selected and in its description, you will find the corresponding measurement table.

        6. Using the above data, compare the measurements.

        7. If you are between 2 sizes we recommend you choose the largest one.

        8. In these measurement tables, you can also check your size with your height and your body weight, but it is the measurement of your waist that will help us to have the precise size for you.

Now ready to see you and feel like you always dreamed.




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